San Francisco Brew Pub Club
San Francisco Brew Pub Club

Photo Gallery - Inaugural Meeting


Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural meeting on June 20. We had a wonderful time and gratefully appreciate the tour of the San Francisco Brewing Company brewery given to us so knowledgably by proprietor Allan Paul. These are the photos from the evening - click on them to see larger versions.

I have a terrible memory for names. If you recognize yourself or anyone else, please send me an message with your name! (Next time we're having bigger labels!)


Our leader Suzanne in the brew-house at San Francisco Brewing Company, with Lin behind her.

Michael and Adam.

Terry and Lisa.

Gina and Benita.

Weiwei, Nancy and one person we have yet to identify.

Dave and Mark stood in front of the copper brew kettle.

Mark, Rimma and Dave.

Dave and Valerie.

Valerie, Jason and Glen.

This is Libby, who did a great job keeping us topped up with beer for the evening.

Nancy chats about the brewing process with San Francisco Brewing Company founder and proprietor Allan Paul.

Allan told us the history of the brewery, the first brew pub in San Francisco, and explained how they brew the beers.

We were taken down into the cellar to see where the fermentation takes place.

Allan, a pint of Albatross Lager still in his hand, shows us where the cooled serving tanks are located.

Suzanne and Lin.

And a couple of group photos of the stragglers who stayed late.

Top row: Tariq, Lin, John, Nancy, Suzanne, Baggers, Glen and Jason.

Stacy and Suzanne sat at the front.