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San Francisco Brew Pub Club

Photo Gallery - Thirsty Bear


Thank you to everyone who attended our second meeting on July 11. This time we were at the Thirsty Bear on Howard Street. These are the photos from the evening - click on them to see larger versions.

Once again, there may be a few names missing, so if  you recognize yourself or another, please send me a message with the name!


Our illustrious leader, Suzanne. Well done for organizing another great evening!

And many thanks to Rick and Jason for taking the photos.

Doug and Nancy.

Jason, Michelle and Paul play with Jason's Nikon digital camera.

And this is the result!

Dave, Jason and Paul providing the entertainment.

Lani, Madhu and Shinobu.

Paul is enjoying the Spanish-style tapas - a unique accompaniment to the beers.

Nancy is very cheerful tonight!

But someone has obviously rubbed Dave up the wrong way...

Jason is on the phone.

Tuesday is Cask-Conditioned Ale Night at the Thirsty Bear. They serve different cask beers each week - tonight was a very hoppy IPA.

Ron, the brewer, stopped by to give us some samples and explain how they make these "live beers".

Another photo of Ron, looking very happy after a quick quality check on one of his own beers.

Dave, Michelle, Stacy and Suzanne.

Cheers! Dave, Michelle and Stacy.

Suzanne, Mark and Dave.

Herb, Paul and Lin just can't resist taking photos of themselves.

Mark, Suzanne, Herb and Dave. What are Suzanne and Herb up to?

Madhu, Shinobu and Lani enjoying the Thirsty Bear beers.

Elli, our wonderful waitress for the evening, did a great job keeping us stocked with beer and food.