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San Francisco Brew Pub Club

Photo Gallery - Potrero Brewing


Thank you to everyone who attended our third meeting on July 25 at the Potrero Brewing Company on Florida Street. These are the photos from the evening - click on them to see larger versions. Photos courtesy of Paul.


Potrero Brewing Company brewer James Renfrew gave us a tour of the brewery - a very neat and clean setup at the front of the building.

James seemed very proud of the equipment. The beers were excellent, including a cask-conditioned Oatmeal Stout served by handpump.

This is Anna, our waitress for the evening, stood by the serving tanks in the cold room. She did a great job ensuring that our glasses were never empty!

Mark and Rimma joined us again. Here we see them stood in the Green Room, up a few steps behind the bar at the Potrero Brewing Company.

Jen and Shelley arrived by vintage Vespa motor scooter.

Simon, Mark and Cindy.

Shannon, Jennifer, Benita and Gina, with Brian, who flew in specially from Madison, Wisconsin. It's the cheese! Or is it the beer?

And Paul joins them while Anna snaps the photo. Gina decides to pout for the camera!

Strange things you see on the way home from a San Francisco Brew Pub Club meeting: someone had a nasty confrontation with a bag of pork crunch at the top of the MUNI escalator!