San Francisco Brew Pub Club
San Francisco Brew Pub Club

Photo Gallery - Faultline


Thank you to everyone who attended our third meeting on August 8 at the Faultline Brewing Company in the Marina. These are the photos from the evening - click on them to see larger versions. Photos courtesy of Paul.


Suzanne with Faultline Brewing Company brewer Greg, who dropped by to tell us about the place and his plans to make hard cider there.

Mark, Michelle and Dave work their way through sampler sets of beer. The beers are mostly brewed at the Walnut Creek brewery, but some come in from Faultline in Sunnyvale.

Pete has a handful of bills, ready to order another beer from Josephine, our server for the evening.

What did I say? Whatever it was, Lin finds it incredibly funny...

Benita is not as impressed!

Paul is still celebrating his birthday from the day before.

Kip, Gina and Neil have to leave.

Virginia and Benita are sisters.

Manny, Benita and Owen.

Weiwei and Megan.

Lin and Karen.

Suzanne and Cindy are dubbed the "chummettes" by Josephine.

Josephine did a great job climbing all those stairs up to the balcony without spilling a drop.

Cindy, Suzanne, Brendan, Lin and Karen are the stragglers remaining before we merrily head on our way.